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Case Study: From Power Cords to Sky High:
Waikato Lift Services Soars with Branding Rehaul

The Client: Waikato Lift Services, a Hamilton-based company offering elevator and lift installations, maintenance, and repairs.

The Challenge: A business straddling two industries, electrical contracting and lift services, with a brand reflecting that duality. Lack of focus and unclear messaging hampered growth and differentiation.

The Solution: A bold rebranding overhaul, shed the electrical tag and embraced the soaring potential of "Waikato Lift Services." A modern logo featuring a stylised elevator button ascending towards the sky, coupled with a clean and professional colour palette, solidified the company's identity as a dedicated lift specialist.

The Results:

  • 30% growth in a single year: Following the rebrand, WLS has witnessed a remarkable 30% growth compared to the previous year's 10%, showcasing the power of targeted branding.

  • Increased clarity and focus: Streamlining the company's image to solely encompass lift services has attracted a more defined clientele and streamlined internal operations.

  • Boosted confidence and morale: The modern and professional brand identity has instilled a sense of pride and professionalism within the WLS team, further propelling their success.

"Waikato Lift Services since you helped with the re-branding, last year I grew by 10% and this year since changing to WLS (Waikato Lift Services) I have grown by 30%. I have completely stopped doing electrical contracting work and am focussing purely on lift work and it is going really well, I am so pleased that together we made the company changes happen and it is paying off now."



Waikato Lift Services' story exemplifies the transformative power of strategic branding. By shedding outdated elements and embracing a focused identity, the company has unlocked significant growth and established itself as a leading force in the Hamilton lift market. This case study serves as a testament to the collaborative power of designer and client working hand-in-hand to achieve remarkable results.


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