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What are logo variations?

Below are the three main logo variations that you need for your brand or business:


The primary logo is the main logo to be used throughout your brand. It should be legible, to the point, and speak for your brand – this is how people will recognize and remember it.

Best used for large displays, website banners, brochures and signage.


A secondary logo is designed to suit spaces where your primary logo doesn’t fit correctly. Secondary logos are often the opposite of a primary
logo. For example, if your primary logo is stacked and creates more of a square shape, your secondary logo will be horizontal, creating a longer
rectangular shape – and vice versa.

Best used for letterheads, email signatures and social media banners.


Your brand marks are your primary and secondary logo’s best friend. They represent your brand but in a more abstract way. Brand marks don’t necessarily need to feature your full business name; they can be as simple as an icon or tagline.

Best used for social media profile photos, footers and watermarks.

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