LinkedIn 'Boost' Option

LinkedIn is adding a new 'Boost' option for organic posts, new events, and management tools.

This is to help maximize the reach of your company page posts, along with new Event promotion tools.

Users will be able to pick from four objectives when boosting:
• Brand Awareness
• Video Views
• Engagement
• Website visits

You'll then also be able to select your target audience:
• Profile based - Select target audience criteria from job seniorities, job functions, or company industries.
• Interests based - Select target audience criteria from member groups.
• LinkedIn Audience template - Select a LinkedIn Audience template with pre-set targeting options.

You can also select the location, add exclusions, and set your budget. Then you click on 'Boost' and your campaign begins.

LinkedIn has also published a short guide to boosting for those looking for more tips and strategies, check it out online here:


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