What time of the day should I post?

A common question that we get asked is what time of the day should I post on Facebook? 🤔

The answer is different for every client in every industry.
We recommend you check what time your followers are most active as this will help you to get the most engagement from your posts.

To access Facebook page insights, go to your Facebook page and click Insights in the top menu. If you don't see Insights in the menu, click More to bring it up. You'll be taken straight to your Overview, which you can access again at any time by clicking Overview in the left-hand menu.

The Posts section of your Facebook page analytics dashboard gives you tons of important information about your posts and the activity on your Page, divided into three tabs:

• When Your Fans Are Online
• Post Types
• Top Posts From Pages You Watch

To see when your fans are online by scrolling your mouse across the graph. You can get specific audience numbers for each hour of the day and you can also see specific patterns for the various days of the week by moving your mouse over the Days boxes above the graph.

Be sure to post during those busy times for maximum engagement!

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