Writing Captions for Social Media

Are your post captions giving customers a reason to stick around?

What you say, and how you say it, goes a long way toward stopping your audience from scrolling.

An engaging caption can inspire your followers to interact with your photos and videos or purchase your products or services.

Consider these six tips:

1. Tell a story
Use captions to tell a story of your business such as how it was founded and how your products or services were developed.

2. Ask questions 
Encourage your followers to leave answers in the post's comments or message you directly.

3. Keep it short 
Write a brief caption to capture people's attention immediately. Place important announcements and messages at the beginning of your caption.

4. Maintain a consistent tone 
The tone of your captions should reflect your brand. For instance, if your business has a relaxed and youthful personality, include emojis to make your captions more fun.

5. Encourage your followers to take action 
If you want your followers to act, be direct. For instance, you can say "Buy now" if you're featuring a product you'd like your customers to purchase.

6. Use tags and mentions 
Add mentions and location tags to your captions.

Email if you would like more info on creating the perfect captions for Instagram.


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