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Colour Palettes for Brands

Are you wanting to update your brand's colour palette? 🎨

Understanding what type of business you are, and who your key target audience is, will help you to choose the best primary colour for your brand. This choice has the potential to influence buying decisions, the mood and behaviour of your customers, and also how your brand is perceived in the market.

Each colour has a different meaning and strikes different emotions with different users, depending on their experiences, and other relationships they have had with similar colours.

Although each individual is different, there are some general associations (which are quite often linked to company values) to each colour below:
Blue – Trust, Smart, Calm, Stable, Power
Red – Love, Immediacy, Energy, Passion, Anger
Black – Bold, Rich, Power, Elegance
Green – Soothing, Natural, Jealousy, Balance, Eco
Yellow – Cheer, Attention, Childish, Warm, Energy
Orange – Health, Attraction, Wealth, Innovation, Creativity

Once you have picked an overall brand colour, you can start creating a colour palette with complementary colours.

Picking the right colours for your brand can be a tricky task, if this all seems a bit much then don’t worry, we can help!

At Little Bird Creative, we understand colour theory and can help you choose the best colour palette for your brand and values.

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